Children’s Sunday School

March 4, 2018 @ 10:15 am – 11:00 am
Weekly on Sunday, forever
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Deep Blue

In the depths of who I am I rejoice in God my savior. Luke 1:47

What in the world is Deep Blue Kids? It’s the new children’s Sunday school program where kids dive deep into the Bible! Children, preschool to 6th grade, will have adventures, hear exciting Bible stories, and learn how to live as disciples of Jesus. The Bible is more than just a big book. It’s a gift to us from God. It’s also a gift to us from many people. It took hundreds of years and thousands of people to bring us this gift. Like all good gifts, the Bible is meant to be opened, explored, and enjoyed. With Deep Blue, we’ll open our bibles and learn more about God, Jesus, faith, and how it all fits together into life today.

We’ll incorporate Bible stories, science activities, arts and crafts, video storytelling and games into an experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today! Deep Blue is a comprehensive Bible study for children, incorporating the pillar stories of the Old and New Testaments in age-appropriate ways.

And it all will be done while parents are worshipping in their own way in the sanctuary!

Deep Blue Sunday School will begin, following the Young Disciples’ Time, in the traditional worship service at 9:00 am. All the children will leave the adult worship with their teachers (the program director and the high school students) to travel to their Sunday school classroom. We’ll start with prayer and offerings, which will be used to provide mission and service opportunities for the children. After the video, featuring Asia, Edgar and Kat, we’ll sing and dance to the songs and learn the scripture for the day.

Following the music and scripture, all the children will go to centers which will have age-appropriate activities, such as science and crafts. Finally, at around 10:00 am, we’ll have our Mission Moments where we talk about how we can serve God this week and we’ll close with prayer.

But we’re not done yet! If parents want to attend their own Sunday school class after worship (about 10:15), there will be additional activities for the children to do during that time. This period will be supervised by the 17 and 18 year old high school students, who have been trained and will be supervised by the program director.

And ONE MORE THING…there is a Deep Blue app that you, Parents, can download for free. Check out Imagine if a child could hear a Bible lesson Sunday morning and, later that week, could log onto a digital virtual world where the Bible story was reinforced and brought to life in 3D. There is a Parent Dashboard – learn what your child is learning each week. There are customizable Avatars. There are Mini-Games – Scripture Jumble, Trivia game, Breakout game, Glider game, Match 3 game, and the Video Wall showing video segments from prior weeks. There are Quests- fun, weekly mini-quests that will give the kids challenges to complete, turning the 3D world into a big adventure game. More mini-games and features will be added each quarter so the game grows with the Bible lessons.

Sound like fun! We think so too!


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